How to configure idGenerator with spring boot?


I am trying to configure idGenerator to use StrongUuidGenerator but I am not sure how to do that with spring boot style.

In the document it only mentions how to do it with XML style spring configuration.

Also, how to swap idGenerator after there is already a lot data? Will it work if I just swap?

Thanks in advance

Implement a Bean that implements this interface:

You can there set the idGenerator before the processEngine is built.

It will work if you swap. New data will use the new idGenerator.

This is valuable information for projects using Spring Boot, what’s the process of getting this added to the documentation?

This is my code, in case anyone wants to look.

public class FlowableConfigurationConfiguration {

    public FlowableConfiguration flowableConfiguration() {
        return new FlowableConfiguration();

class FlowableConfiguration implements ProcessEngineConfigurationConfigurer {

    public void configure(SpringProcessEngineConfiguration config) {
        config.setIdGenerator(new StrongUuidGenerator());


@Robert_McKinnon : docs updated here