How can I select mail distribution/user connected to Microsoft Azure by using "Group of People"

Hello all,
so this will be my first question and I hope I am doing everything right. (feel free to give me feedback) Also I am very new to Flowable and all the realted stuff (Coding, etc.) so please take it a bit easy on me, thank you!

I am currently configurating a form which should contain a element to select one or multiple mail distributer/persons. Note: It should use the existing mail distributor and persons from Microsoft Azure.
At the moment i just tried it with the “Group of People” in the shape repo. But it wont work as I expected it. When i try to select a person or mail distribution it wont find any.


So how can i fix that problem?

Thanks in advance

Hi @GreenLeaf,

this seems to be related to the enterprise version of Flowable. Those questions normally belong into the enterprise forum.

Regarding to your question, when you publish your form to Flowable Work you should see the groups which are available in Flowable Work in the dropdown. That said, you would need to hook up the Flowable IDM to your Azure to get the appropriate response from Azure. This documentation might be good to get started with it:

Please note, in this case also the login is backed with the same identity storage.


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Hi @valentin ,
thank you for the quick reply and the hint where to adress further questions.
I will try to implement it and would get in touch with you if its not working.