Adding the users from Identity provider to default user group

Hi Team,

We have implemented the OIDC for azure Ad. login s working fine.

we would like to add the users from OIDC to the default group, is there any way to

@hedge89 can you let us know, how azure ad integrated with Flowable Idm. Can you share your sample code/config

@balajisundarajan8 we followed this Document

Azure AD iDP with Keycloak as SP. Creating a Directory inside Azure: - | by Surya Prakash Pandey | Medium

@hedge89 Thanks for the info. So approach would be Azure AD configured in keycloak then keycloak property should be used in the flowable properties to use Azure AD in flowable… correct?

Yes, Correct

what we followed is

  1. Spin up the Keycloak
    2.Import flowable realm link: flowable-engine/keycloak-flowable.json at master · flowable/flowable-engine (
  2. Follow the document to create OIDC provider
  3. Spinup the flowable with keycloak config

@hegde89 Thanks again for the info. Did you succeed getting users from Azure AD to flowable idm. OR flowable idm shows only keycloak users. In otherwords are you getting Azure AD users in flowable-idm ?

We are able to connect AzureAD