How can I disable the Process Engine?

I’ve an application that only uses the IdmEngine and don’t need the Process Engine. By default, the Process Engine is auto-configured by Spring even though a configurer wasn’t specified for it. How can I disable the process engine completely?

The IdmEngine is created via the ProcessEngine, so if you disable the ProcessEngine the IdmEngine will not be created as well. The process engine can be disabled by setting the flowable.process.enabled property to false.

Just out of curiosity, why do you need to use the IdmEngine only?

Ahh! Thanks for your reply. This is a reporting application that would rely on the IdmEngine for authentication and authorization purpose, it’s database is a read replica of the prod.

I was wrong @slee. With the help of the IdmEngineAutoConfiguration and IdmEngineServicesAutoConfiguration you can startup the IdmEngine only. You would need to make sure that the process engine doesn’t boot up with the property I mentioned. Or you can just add the flowable-idm-spring dependency and you won’t have the Process engine as a dependency. This is actually what we are doing in the Flowable UI IDM Application.