Possible defect in Spring Process Engine Configurator - configure

I may be missing something here, but it seems to me like that configurator is initializing the process engine configuration’s expression manager using the beans of the AppEngine when it is called to configure the app engine.

The call happens from

	at org.flowable.engine.spring.configurator.SpringProcessEngineConfigurator.configure(SpringProcessEngineConfigurator.java:45)
	at org.flowable.common.engine.impl.AbstractEngineConfiguration.configuratorsAfterInit(AbstractEngineConfiguration.java:1036)
	at org.flowable.app.engine.AppEngineConfiguration.init(AppEngineConfiguration.java:235)
	at org.flowable.app.engine.AppEngineConfiguration.buildAppEngine(AppEngineConfiguration.java:192)

… and the method calls

if (springProcessEngineConfiguration.getExpressionManager() == null) {
                springProcessEngineConfiguration.setExpressionManager(new SpringExpressionManager(springEngineConfiguration.getApplicationContext(), springEngineConfiguration.getBeans()));

In our configurator we have initialized springProcessEngineConfiguration.getBeans(), but that Map is ignored and the AppEngine map is used instead:

Is the intent that the process engine should use the Spring application context beans from the AppEngine? What happens if the app engine is disabled, will processEngineConfiguration.beans be overriden as well to use Spring beans?

This code is problematic because we have been using pocessEngineConfiguration.getBeans() for various purposes: dynamically adding beans, checking for bean name conflicts.
With the code above the process engine is using an expression manager that uses a beans Map that is not its own beans map.
If the intent is to use the app engine’s bean map maybe the process engine beans property should be updated to match the app engine’s?