Historic user tasks not having the changes added from Create Execution Listeners

I have an Execution Listener (Create) for setting the Assignee and the Task name.
The historic task row for this task is having the Task name and Assignee as empty.

Hi bijeshcnair,

the problem is that create user task listener is invoked after the call

getHistoryManager().recordTaskCreated(task, execution);

I am just curious, why do you need to set taskName and assignee in the listener. If you create a task with the proper name and assignee (e.g. by expression) everything should work fine.


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Hi Martin,
Thanks for the response.
Yes right now we are setting the task name and assignee by expression in the BPMN.
But in the initial versions of the processes, we set it in the Create Execution listeners.
Programmers wer more comfortable calling the API to get assignee with the Java code :slight_smile: