Not able to set assignee when TASK_CREATED is thrown

Hi, I have a workflow something like this:

In code, I have an Event Listener which implements FlowableEventListener that listens to the event TASK_CREATED.

In the above workflow, after the completion of User Task 1, TASK_CREATED event is thrown once the execution comes there.

Using below code, I’m able to get the details of User Task 2 in lUserTask,

public void onEvent( FlowableEvent event )
    FlowableEngineEventType lEventType = (FlowableEngineEventType) event.getType();

    switch( lEventType )
        case TASK_CREATED:

            if( event instanceof org.flowable.common.engine.impl.event.FlowableEntityEventImpl )
                org.flowable.common.engine.impl.event.FlowableEntityEventImpl lFlowableEntityEventImpl = (org.flowable.common.engine.impl.event.FlowableEntityEventImpl) event;
                String lProcessInstanceId = lFlowableEntityEventImpl.getProcessInstanceId();
                List<Execution> lExecutions = mRuntimeService.createExecutionQuery()
                                                             .processInstanceId( lProcessInstanceId )
                UserTask lUserTask = new UserTask();
                for( Execution lExecution : lExecutions )
                    if( ( (ExecutionEntityImpl) lExecution ).getCurrentFlowElement() instanceof UserTask )
                        lUserTask = (UserTask) ( (ExecutionEntityImpl) lExecution ).getCurrentFlowElement();

But if I try to use task service to set assignee for this user task, like this

taskService.setAssignee( lUserTask.getId(), "admin" )
I get an error saying Cannot find task with id user-task-2.

I tried to get all the tasks for given process instance ID using,
List<Task> lTasks = mTaskService.createTaskQuery().processInstanceId( lProcessInstanceId ).list();
This gave me only User Task 1.
I’m assuming the task details are not yet flushed to table, which is used by taskService to get the details (let me know if I’m incorrect).

So, is there a way I can edit the assignee for the User Task 2, for which the TASK_CREATED was thrown?

Let me know if any information is needed from my side.
Thanks in advance.

UserTask is the model (BpmnModel) version of the task, not the actual task instance.
The event should contain the actual id of the newly created task.

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