Hide exception from retry

It’s possible to retry action in case it fails, but it spoils logs with quite big exception stacktrace:
Is it possible to change this behaviour? A few options could be possible:

  • display only first line of exception (most useful)
  • display exception only on last unsuccessful try
  • hide exception completely (possible using log setting, but I don’t like hiding it completely)

That only sounds like something unwanted in case you have a retry cycle that happens a lot. What’s your use case here? Typically, you don’t want to lose anything in the logs, including the full stack trace (as it could be different every retry in theory).

I’m waiting for something to happen. I know it’s not immediate, and takes between 1 and 30 minutes usually, that’s why I’m checking with retry every 5 minutes. I don’t want to wait always 30 minutes, that’s why I retry every 5 minutes.
Having possibility to display custom message in case retry fails (instead of stack trace) would be helpful

Why not use a different way of doing that: do the loop in bpmn yourself + a service task that logs what you want?

Because what you’re effectively doing is not a ‘job’ in the typical sense of the concept (which was not designed as a way to poll - it’s quite resource intensive for that). Fiddling with logging of exceptions (even configurable) is not something we do in any other use case.