Help needed: muliple domain configuration

Ok, I am having a little confusing since we are not loading each war on one Tomcat but each instance of Tomcat having one of the files (CF/Pivotal for you and cannot change this fact of the client’s setup, our urls look like https://<app name / WAR here> . So I need some information on where to point these variables

and as well here , I am assuming the rest configuration should point to the <PIVOTAL domain url , i.e > but I want to make certain.

Default REST endpoint configs

Process engine Process app Process REST config

DMN engine DMN app DMN REST config

Form engine Form app Form REST config

Content engine Content app Content REST config

There is a huge whole in the steps on stepping this up as it “assumes” you are all on the exact same domain and one tomcat instance so it is like defusing a bomb with every wire being red. I would suggest adding a brief explanation of what each WAR is used for and how to con figure for these scenarios.

We welcome PRs on documentation too :slight_smile:


I will create my own video on this in time; just at this point we are having to figure out the steps as we go. We have the solutions for Cloud Foundary / Pivotal as of now. We may decide at a later date to provide the steps but as of right now this project is 40+ a weekl venture.