Heatmap diagram on BPM

I have seen a heatmap diagram for Camunda. This shows the most used path with heatmap. Whether the same can be avaibale in Flowable ?

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Isn’t that with their commercial version?

Sounds like a really cool feature.


I dont think its part of the commercial version. It has been documented in their community version - https://docs.camunda.org/optimize/user-guide/duration/

Its a very good & value added feature

Hi Prasanna,

I did something very similar ages ago. (with activity but it is part of flowable too)
Just look at the diagrams.

There is no “heatmap” but the information is there. If you want to transform diagram into heatmap, there are several frameworks which can help you a lot.


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https://camunda.com/enterprise/ says Optimize isn’t Community.


You raightly said. Process optimization module is part of commnerical. Is this already avaiable in Commercial version of Flowable ? If not , anytimeline we expect ?


It’s in the plans for this year, work is already underway. I’d rather not discuss commercial offerings here - I suggest you follow the Enterprise link and send a request that way.


Release 6.5.0 should contain process heat maps.
Could you point me to heat map implementation please?

Hi Martin,

Sadly, it didn’t make it in this time. We ended up making the event stream handling much more sophisticated.


Hi Paul,
Thank you. Looking forward to 6.5.0