BPMN editor for flowable with bpmn-io

With development workflow in our company (camunda) it is not convenient to model processes directly in the engine part (web). We design processes in camunda modeler, version and unit test them (CI). Modeler based on bpmn-io is more user-friendly than eclipse based. So, is there any bpmn modeler for flowable based on bpmn-io?

To my knowledge, there is not a bpmn-io based modeler for Flowable. At first glance bpmn-js’s license is fairly permissive, but the advertising requirement would probably make incompatible with the Apache 2 license we use for the official tooling.

One thing to note: Flowable’s web based modeler is not “directly in the engine”. It does need access to an IDM to log in, but the modeler and IDM could be hosted locally in a docker image. You can then model and export your models and then copy them into your project.

Ref: bpmn.io License

The source code responsible for displaying the bpmn.io logo (two green cogwheels in a box) that links back to http://bpmn.io as part of rendered diagrams MUST NOT be removed or changed. When this software is being used in a website or application, the logo must stay fully visible and not visually overlapped by other elements.

I wonder how the Activiti Modeling Application works around this?

Ref: Activiti 7 - GitBook

Ahh, they don’t:

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 16.40.21

Ref: SlideShare - Alfresco/Activiti Modeler Application - Slide 41

There is need for desktop, not web based modeler.

Our development process on camunda is:
0. pull from repository

  1. model process
  2. save file
  3. run unit tests
  4. push to repository
  5. ci checks/builds

this process is standard process for software development.

but in flowable case:

  1. open web modeler
  2. model process
  3. download file (every download must be pointed to correct folder with correct name)
  4. run unit tests
  5. if something wrong, go to step 2
  6. push to repository
  7. ci checks/builds

if camunda case it is just - save file (Ctrl+S), in flowable case it is a lot extra movements which take time.

And if worry about security, camunda modeler supports authentication before deploying process to engine (via rest api).

Flowable as product for developers, it is not best option, because it is easier to start in another products.

I think it is time to think about desktop modeler.