Grails plugin for Flowable 6

I just started working on Grails 3 plugin for Flowable (version 6). Is anyone interested in using such a plugin?
I will be grateful for the suggestions which features should be included in the very first version.

Sources repository:


Thanks for doing the work on this plugin.
We are also very interested in the community feedback about this plugin.

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Thanks for support.
I also asked grails community about this and I’m waiting for feedback. And of course I hope they find it useful…
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Current status

  • Start flowable within Grails app
  • Configuration
  • Services mapping
  • Basic controller
  • Some tags in bootstrap taglib (upload deployment file, download process image)
  • Some integration tests

Next steps:

  • More tests
  • Handy tags (bootstrap as well as non-bootstrap) allows to build larger app parts, as inbox, etc.
  • Forms service adapted for use with Grails

… and more:

  • Handy traits for controllers, service and domains
  • Non-bootstrap taglib
  • Grails templates for tasks lists, tasks, etc. (available via “install-templates”)

Thanks for the update, really nice progress!

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