Generate log files

Is it possible to generate a logfile instead of displaying the messages on the console?
I am using the flowable-ui apps.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Guivagu,

The Flowable UI apps are Spring Boot 2.0 apps. Which means that they can be configured in the same way as any Spring Boot app. Have a look at the File Output section of the Spring Boot documentation.

In case you use a an application server like Tomcat to run the apps then you can configure that server to perform the appropriate logging.



I will put my 2 cents here :wink:
As I remember ui projects exclude spring-boot-starter-logging from dependencies so you have to be aware of that while configuring loggers. If you’re accustomed to logback, logback.xml won’t work.
Log4j2 is a default logging system so you will have to configure it with i.e. log4j2.xml