Form Reference, Form Properties - Coexistence, Interaction and Expressions


I am using the Form Modeler and Form References on UserTasks - works great.

Lately there was a feature added on the DropDown FormType to define an expression to fill the options.

On most Form Fields it is possible in Form Modeler to set/override the “id” which is also the name of the process variable which the element is mapped to.

What I miss - or cant find … I cannot use an expression as the “id”, means I cannot use e.g. in a Textbox “address.streetname” to access a property “streetname” on a complex type “address” process variable.

I found this is possible to define with FormProperties.

I tried if the Form Reference or Form Definitions somehow can interact with defined Form Properties - didn’t work - perhaps shouldn’t - couldn’t find in docs (… have to say - docs are really good).

I understand Form Fields and Form Modeler is the “new world” - Form Properties is a previous idea to support simple Form Definitions and Process Variable mappings?

Is it possible what I try here?

Would it be a new feature to use an expression on the Form Field “id”?

Thanks and Regards, Andreas.