Form Internationalization, plus dynamic options list


We need more options for form design.

First and foremost, we need an ability to specify labels on a preset set of languages. This also relates to ‘enum’ option labels. Are there any plans to modify the database schema to store this? I am asking as I am going to hack this for my project, for example, to store language variants in the same label field separated with locale names, e.g., “\ru Вход \en Enter”, and parse this during display time, being able to choose the display language on the fly. To my mind this should be specified right in the form editor, or in the process editor ‘form properties’ pane, that means any i18n files like spring messages will make things much less visual and more complex.

Another one is an ability to specify a set of ${EL} expressions in the dropdown options list, for the list of options and their multilingual labels. Sorry if I missed and it was already implemented, are there any plans to do this?


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Is very interesting, but, you could also do create two, three,… forms in some languages and present one for the value of a variable. This could be a solution.


If I understand correctly, if a web-app needs support for 5 languages, we will need 5 different copy-pasted forms? Sorry for posting on 3 year old thread, but this is the only search result I found for Internationalization

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