Form checkbox values

Hi everyone,
I am working with checkboxes in form. I have created a process, one of the task in process has a form attached to it , the form contains checkboxes. Each checkbox corresponds to a user (assignee to whom we assign tasks) My requirement is , whatever checkboxes i am selecting in the form, i should get those values in the next task, on the basis of these values, i need to start multi instance process.

The cardinality of the multi instance task depends on the number of checkboxes i have selected , and depending upon the values of checkboxes (which is the user names), the tasks of each multi instance should be assigned to respective user. In short , i want to manipulate the count and values of fom checkbox in the next task. How this can be achieved , could anyone guide.

Thanks in advance

Hi Shweta,

You need a service task to process the form input and create a list of an object that contains the info needed in the multi instance task. On the multi instance task you can use that list as the collection, and define which variable name each item should get in the multi instance execution.

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Hi Tijs,
Thanks for the reply. I was going through flowable document, i also came across term ‘collection’ , but i am unable to understand how it works or is created. Could you you give a brief of it.

Thanks :slight_smile: