Flowable vs Airflow and Prefect

We are looking for a data and ML pipeline orchestration tooling and vetting out Airflow and Prefect. Does flowable any comparable to Airflow or Prefect? Or does Flowable play in Data and ML pipeline orchestration?

Hey @ramesh231,

I don’t know much about Airflow and Prefect. However, reading a bit about them they seem to be focused on writing code for your different tasks and they are focused on automatic execution without human interaction.

You can of course achieve similar things with Flowable by using our External Worker task or implementing your own logic in different Script or Service tasks. What we offer is user interaction between different task executions through our User Tasks.

Flowable is more general purpose and we have customers that are using it for different service orchestrations, but we also have other customers that are using it in a completely different way.

I think that you’ll need to see with some examples of what you are trying to achieve and compare how it can be done with Flowable and the other tools.