Flowable-task: from task to process sometimes links to wrong process

Using flowable-task, I experience that when navigating via the task to the process, sometimes it navigates to the wrong process. In stead of the actual process, it opens up the most recently started process.

From what I can see, it might be because the actual process is in the “show more” list of the processes.

(Experienced on R6.2.1, not yet verified on latest release).


Is anyone experiencing the same problem? I have tested on 6.3.1, and experience the same problem.

Example process: https://newteccy-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/wjan_newtec_eu/EdDdVXMbdVlFuLfWrOJN-98BQZIB-HA4JvYoGxRiimeDWQ?e=gQkcuC

I create eg. 50 of the processes, and go to a task. Via the task, I click on the process, and go to a different process.