Flowable support with MySQL InnoDB with Group Replication

Recently I was trying to setup flowable with MySQL InnoDB Cluster, My app was failing to boot due to few tables not having primary key. After through analysis we found out this is due to liquibase tables not having a primary key( see link https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/group-replication-requirements.html)

I did alter the liquibase tables to add primary key and everthings works fine, should we add this to core?

This link (http://forum.liquibase.org/topic/why-does-databasechangelog-not-have-a-primary-key) explains why there is no primary key in liquibase.


Thanks for posting your analysis and solution.
How did you add a primary key to the liquibase tables? Did you simply add an autoincrement?

And yes, having support for group replication would be a good thing to have!

As explained here, I’m using a workaround to include the primary key creation at the beginning of my liquibase databasechangelog. it may help someone.

@joram: Yes, I just added auto increment key. To add to core I will raise a PR with solution as mentioned by @romaindequidt.

Can you share a link to the PR or at minimum what you actually did to make it work specifically for flowable.