Flowable SpringBoot starts and runs BPMN process without error locally in IntelliJ but when deployed to OpenShift, we get a start up WARN: Error while generating process diagram

I believe this is related to our OpenShift environment not being able to render the process diagram information found in the bottom of our .bpmn20.xml file.

Again, we are getting the following error when deploying our simple SpringBoot Flowable project with a simple workflow in the processes directory:

2023-01-26 19:28:43.497 WARN 1 — [ main] f.e.i.b.d.ProcessDefinitionDiagramHelper : Error while generating process diagram, image will not be stored in repository

We do not see this error when building and starting the project locally in IntelliJ. Additionally, the workflow still works in the OpenShift environment despite this WARN. My question is, I have not added any Java code that would initiate the creation of the process diagram image so it must be something Flowable tries to do on start up if it sees the diagram info at the bottom of our bpmn20.xml file. Am I missing a dependency that would enable OpenShift to generate the process diagram and store the image in OpenShift? If not, is there a attribute I can add to my application.properties that would turn off the generation of the process diagram because I do not need it to be created. Or any other solutions that are available to remove this warning would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Leon,

I would guess some libs used for image processing are missing on the target env.