Flowable shell project

Hi all,

I play with the idea to create a shell to deploy models, export the models from modeler, run some tests on the top of application, etc. The benefit could be to automate deployments, and integration with CI?CD tools.
What do you think about it?



That would be a nice thing to have of course :-). Would you wrap it so it used the REST API (as that gives more options vs java)?

Yes that’s the goal.

Hi all.

Currently supported commands:

        delete-deployments, rmd: Delete all deployments with given name, tenantId from runtime. WARNING - use only for testing purposes
        deploy: Deploy given application
        list-deployments, lsd: list deployments

        delete-model, rm: Delete model from modeler.
        export: Export model from modeler to file.
        export-bar: Export deployable model from modeler to file.
        import: Import file to modeler.
        list, ls: List models.

        configure: Configure flowable rest endpoint.
        unzip: Unzip file to directory.
        zip: Zip directory to file.
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Hi @martin.grofcik , looks cool and useful :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!

Finally I did some changes in the flowable shell project. GitHub - crystal-processes/crp-flowable-ex: Flowable extension provided by crystal processes.

  1. I changed the project name to crp-flowable-ex. Flowable in the first place is reserved for flowable products.
  2. I prepared the first how to: How to add flowable app into your build – crystal processes

Now is the time to use it in the first real project.

Next steps: