Flowable Retry Configuration

i want to configure retry for a service task which is not async. I have seen flowable documentation but i think it is working for async service task only .Is there any way to configure retry for synchronous service task ?

<serviceTask id="failingServiceTask" **flowable:async="true**"


@joram could you please help in this ?

Hey @anjali01,

Retry mechanism is currently only possible for async service tasks.

Thanks @filiphr

When all the retry exhausts for a async service task (calling a rest api) , Is there any way to proceed to next step(service task) ?

Currently the execution just stops if all the retry exhausts .

If the retries are all used up, the async job is moved to the dead letter job table. You can make such a job executable again by calling ManagementService#moveDeadLetterJobToExecutableJob.