Flowable Process execution

Hi, I have a requirement in my application, that I don’t want to persist process activity into the database until the process has not reached a particular step. is it achievable?

Hi Sharma,

For each step flowable will put an entry in flowable table in database to maintain the execution (ex start – > end). i think you cannot stop process activity in the data base for each process execution.

Please let me know more clear about your requirement to provide correct solution.

Flowable will only persist when reaching a wait state. If you have start → stepA → … → stepX. And stepX is a wait state (e.g. a user task), the state will only be persisted when stepX is reached.

You can, by making the activity async (if it’s not a wait state already).

Only for wait states, see above.

My requirement is something like this.

  1. The user will start the process.
    2 Complete a few user tasks (fill some product details), and just before ending the process, there will be a popup for asking the user if you want to add other product details as well in the same process?
    3 If the user selects yes, he will be redirected to the stratForm and fill the other product details. and after ending the process we will print a pdf containing the details of all products.
  2. If he selects no, the will end at the same time and pdf will be generated with only one single product detail.

What’s wrong with adding an exclusive gateway after the second user activity and then setting a condition on the outgoing sequence flows?
That should achieve what you want.