Flowable not able to serialise Arabic characters

Hi All,

I am having challenges with Flowable serialising Arabic text when saving the json response from an HTTP task using this property saveResponseVariableAsJson.

The Arabic text is being replaced with question marks when reading the data from the Flowable Database.

Anyone with knowledge on how to ressolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Did you set the encoding to UTF-8?

Hi @CElbersen

Thank you so much for getting back to me. May you please elaborate where exactly I need to set this encoding to UTF-8?


On the HTTP (service) Task it’s the property requestBodyEncoding

In the modeller this field:

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Hi there @CElbersen

Thanks once again for your response.

Do you mean something like the below:

 <serviceTask id="sid-XXXXXXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ-AAAA-AASSAASS" name="GetUsers" flowable:type="http" requestBodyEncoding="UTF-8">
        <flowable:field name="requestMethod">
        <flowable:field name="requestUrl">
        <flowable:field name="requestHeaders">
          <flowable:string><![CDATA[Service-Name: user-service]]></flowable:string>
        <flowable:field name="failStatusCodes">
          <flowable:string><![CDATA[4XX, 5XX]]></flowable:string>
        <flowable:field name="responseVariableName">
        <flowable:field name="saveRequestVariables">
        <flowable:field name="saveResponseVariableAsJson">

In my IDE it is saying, requestBodyEncoding=“UTF-8”:

Or it does not matter?

Hey @flowable12345,

Something like:

<flowable:field name="requestBodyEncoding">


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Thanks a lot. You don’t know how much you have saved me :clap:

Thanks a lot. You don’t know how much you have saved me :clap: