Character encoding exception while getting form

I have a problem to get response from flowable.

Which is i have created a one form definition and set Label in text with umlaut character Ex: für
so when i call this rest api using spring for getting this form using processDefinationId it will throw JSON parse error: Invalid UTF-8 middle byte 0x68; exception.

If any one have any idea than help to solve this issue.

I just ran a test and didn’t run into any issues. Can you tell us more about your setup:

  • Are you using the docker container?
  • Are you running in Tomcat using the H2 database?
  • Have you changed the datasource to some other database (mysql, etc)
  • What OS are you using?
  • What browser are you using?

Thanks @wwitt for replay i was do more analysis from my code side also than i found that is character encoding issue and work space issue that’s why i am facing this issue.there is no issue from flowable side.