Flowable IDM - Azure Active Directory Integration


Is it possible to integrate Flowable IDM with Azure active directory. If so, are there any reference documentations? The default flowable idm database stores the password in plain text and can’t be used . Similarly the LDAP integration too stores all the connection details in a property file as clear text.


Yes, it is. In the upcoming (soon) 6.6 version, this will be simpler even. We’re writing documentation for that too.

That can be changed in your custom setup, if needs to be.

Thank you @joram. Is there a way, the password in flowable idm Database can be encrypted using any properties. Is this feature available in Flowable.Thank you again for your support.


Hey @Karthik,

Yes you can encrypt the password.

If you are using Spring Boot then the property you are looking for is flowable.idm.password-encoder. The best option is to use spring_delegating for it. You can see the different options here:

In case you are not using Spring Boot, then you need to set the PasswordEncoder in the IdmEngineConfiguration.


Thank you @filiphr. That worked for me. I will wait for version 6.6 to integrate with Azure Active Directory. is there a tentative date when 6.6 would be released.


Will the Modeler and Task applications be configurable to use Azure AD too?

Yes, all UI apps will share the same (Spring) security configuration.

can anyone please let us know, how to configure Azure AD with flowable IDM. Is there any sample configuration or documentation ?

Hi Joram,

Is the Flowable IDM with Azure active directory version available now. Can you please guide on how the integration can be performed into a spring boot project using flowable