Flowable form modeler enhancement request

Hi All,

I am working on a Web and mobile App that needs to integrate approval process workflow functionality. Flowable workflow engine with REST API, process and form modeler seems very promising for my needs.

For the form modeler, here are few enhancements that I am looking for my application.

  • A container type of form control that can group multiple form controls (such as text input and checkbox) in such container.
    For example: https://help.form.io/userguide/layout-components/#container

  • Sub-form support (child form in a parent form)

  • Forum array (+) control where the number of form controls/componets is not fixed during form design. User can click the "+ " icon under a form control (such as text field) or a form control group (such as a combination of text input, text area and checkbox etc) to add additional form elements to the form in run time. (for example, a form is created to ask users to enter details about the books that they want to borrow and we do not know the number of books a user want to borrow in advance. For each book, user needs to provide info such as book title, author name, number of copies in a group of form controls. The form will be presented to user as a form group for a single book with a “+” sign below it initially. If a user needs to borrow more books, the user can simply click on the “+” sign and additional form fields will be presented to the user in mobile App or Web app)

  • More special types of form control (such as email/password/phone number/address) with built-in validation, and control for (currency, multi-select, image with preview, signature pad etc)

  • Conditional control in a form where the form control/component is only visible if the condition is met (for example, a form control is only visible to manager, but not to an employee)

  • Layout component (define column width and row height for a form control). For example, place multiple form controls (such as checkbox) in a single row.

  • Ability to preview the form (especially for mobile clients)
    Here is an example.

  • Ability to control the visibility, editability and printability of individual fields/controls in a form (based on user privilege for example, manager can edit, admin can print, employee can only view, some of the fields are also hidden from employee)

  • Ability to export & import form and form data

I understand that I am asking a lot of features here. I am looking for people who have/had similar needs who has either found a solution to share their experience or can develop a solution together.




This is pretty much Alfresco Process Services (not free).
Any of these would be great.