Flowable client

Hi everyone,
My question is , is there any inbuilt client provided by flowable so that we can call flowable services without using jersey rest api for flowable and directly calling flowable client that will in turn invoke flowable services.

Thanks in advance

Hi Shweta.

I do not know about such a client library. REST API is sufficient for basic operations (as an example see e.g. flowable-task, -modeler, -admin apps).

Can you elaborate your use case more? (I think REST API is sufficient for remote calls)


Hi Martin,
I wanted something which would eliminate the dependency on external API like REST api. Is there a possibility that we could use some api provided by flowable itself for client

Thanks and regards

Hi Shweta,

When you have a look into the flowable-rest module, each REST resource is annotated with swagger annotations. Client libraries can be generated with swagger tools from these annotations.