Flowable 6.5.1 release date?

I’m starting a new project and want to use flowable with event registry. Current version of event registry in 6.5.0 is not clear how to use (events, channels definitions, trigger events and so on) and we spend to much time investigating/getting familiar with event registry. More tutorials and articles will be helpful.

According to roadmap next version will be released in March 2020. Is this date still actual?


Thanks for checking the event registry. Did you have a look at:


Maybe you can explain what you are missing in this article, so we can focus on providing content to address this?

We still have to determine a realistic release date for the next release, when this is known we will update the roadmap page.

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Thanks for quick reply.

I checked out article you mentioned. Also I checked event registry documentation.

I’m using flowable with spring boot.

Problems I have:

  1. Event and channel definitions must be created before using in processes.
  2. According to documentation it is not obvious how to create definitions both events and channels.
  3. A lot of duplication in bpmn and event/channel definitions. For example destinations, type in channels.
  4. For inbound channels, it is not clear how task is correlated with messages from channel.

Example in github will be good for this topic.


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Hello - any updates on the 6.5.1 (or simply next release)?

I see some interesting functionality on ‘master’ branch (External Worker Task) and I’m curious when it could be generally available.

We’re looking at august for a release, if all goes well. It’s indeed packed with many, many new cool features :-D.

Hello! Any news here?

Yes, I’m also interested in the approximate arrival (like, Q4 this year, Q1 2021, etc.)