SQLServer taskQuery different then H2

When I run the following taskQuery, cmmnTaskQueryService, I get different results if running in H2 vs running in SQLServer. The issue is with the scopeId and subScopeId being null in the SQLServer.

def taskQuery = taskService.createTaskQuery().

taskQuery.each {
println "task: name: {it.name} id: {it.id} scopeId: {it.scopeId} subScopeId: {it.subScopeId} propagatedStageInstanceId: ${it.propagatedStageInstanceId} "

H2 Results, as I expected:

task: name: Human Task 1
id: e4736ce3-8ad8-11ea-802a-a21879b72449
scopeId: e4608115-8ad8-11ea-802a-a21879b72449
subScopeId: e47345d0-8ad8-11ea-802a-a21879b72449
propagatedStageInstanceId: e4619288-8ad8-11ea-802a-a21879b72449

SQLServer Results, missing id’s:

task: name: Human Task 1
id: f9987044-8ad7-11ea-a597-a21879b72449
scopeId: null
subScopeId: null
propagatedStageInstanceId: null

I can see the id’s in the SQLServer database when I query the task table.

Any ideas how to get the id’s in the SQLServer to populate?

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Looks like this might have been resolved by a commit about a month ago.

Does anyone know if there is a timeline for the next release that would incorporate this change?

It appears that the team is still trying to determine a realistic date for the release per this post.