6.5 Release Date

In Road Map we saw that Flowable 6.5 release in October 2019. But still, it is not released yet. What is expected date?
Can we use the the sources of 6.5 ?


Per Joram (see this post: Filter tasks based on multiple taskDefinitionKeys) the expected date is sometime this month (November).

Do you have a changelist published already for changes and feature we can expect from the new release? It’d be nice to know ahead of time whether an upgrade is worth it and start planning accordingly.

We have a number of commitments this month, both community and commercial, so it depends how that goes on timing. There will be some significant features, but again, it depends how much time we have to know how full the feature sets will be. We want to get a release out in the next few weeks.

Cheers, Paul.

Ok. I guess I’ll have to wait then before knowing.

Good things come to those who wait, or so my parents told me :slight_smile:


The Guiness advert taught me that :sweat_smile:

Hi All,

Do we have any updates on this?
When can we expect the flowable 6.5 version release?