Fails to find Postgres Driver when launching as SpringBoot app

I am trying to run the stock WARs as SpringBoot applications connecting to Postgres according to the documentation:

I am using command line:
java -Dloader.path=$FLOWABLE_HOME/libs -jar $FLOWABLE_HOME/wars/flowable-idm.war /

postgresql-42.2.5.jar is in the libs folder

SpringBoot fails with:
Cannot load driver class: org.postgresql.Driver

Tried multiple combinations without luck. Will keep trying but anyone who has this running as advertised please help.

Looks like a reported issue:

Hey @temecom,

Unfortunately when using the an executable war you can’t use loader.path from Spring Boot. In order to make it work you have 2 options:

  • Use a tomcat (or another application server) and put the postgres jdbc driver of those libs
  • Patch the flowable-idm.war to include the postgres driver


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