Event registry-How to activate event and channel definition if we deploy them externally?

I have created simple spring-boot application with REST API to deploy event and channel definition files for KAFKA, where I deploy them using below code.

.name(“Deployment of Event definition-two”)
.addInputStream(file.getName(), bis)

I want to know once these files are deployed how to activate them so that Kafka-consumer will start working and wait for arriving messages.

NOTE:I have tried putting files in resources folder and that works smoothly when i start the application but i want to deploy files externally.

Is the file name correct, i.e. having a .channel and .event extension?

Deploying them with the correct extensions should be doing that. Can you describe what you mean with ‘externally’?

FIle names are correct with extensions, when i put same files in resources->eventRegisty directory everything is working fine.

Here “Externally” means I have create REST endpoint to upload files and deploying them using code mentioned above.

Ok, now I’m following. Have you tried getting the EventRepositoryService from the EventRegistryEngine and deploying programmatically there? That one for sure has the right set of deployers to process those files.