Error retrieving data objects

We have a data object model linked to a database service model. The database table is setup and we can insert data to it using the DataObjectRuntimeService api. However, we are getting an error when fetching data:
Cause: org.apache.ibatis.reflection.ReflectionException: There is no getter for property named ‘externalId’ in 'class com.flowable.dataobject.engine.impl.runtime.DataObjectInstanceQueryImpl’

Indeed DataObjectInstanceQueryImpl doesn’t have externalId property unlike its master data counterpart MasterDataInstanceQueryImpl .

For replication:
List instances = dataObjectRuntimeService

Version we’re using is 3.7.2. Could this be a bug?

Hey @johnpaulquijano,

The question you are asking is about the enterprise products. We try to not talk about it in the OSS Forum. Questions about the enterprise products should be done in the Enterprise Forum or through your account managers and our Service Desk.