How to retrieve data by invoking an external controller function in Flowable JavaDelegate linked to Spring Boot


I’m going to use Flowable in conjunction with Spring Boot.

In order to utilize the existing MVC model, when the TASK of BPMN is called, we want to import the data in the external DB

When I call Service Class, I get java.lang.NullPointerException.

If you declare the service class Static, you can access it, but you cannot query it.

Give them a hand.

Your question is not entirely clear to me but it sounds like you want to create a Java Delegate that when it is executed as a task within your workflow, it will be able to pull in some data from a database?

If you want to create a Spring managed Java Delegate, you can follow the directions given here: Spring beans not injected into Flowable context - #12 by jwashington. The delegate can be injected with whatever Spring dependencies you need from within the Spring Boot app.