Dynamic form properties


I want the form properties to be dynamic based on the values of process variables.
To be specific, I accept multiple files in one of the user tasks and they are all optional. If the file is uploaded in that user task, then i want to verify them in this current user task. I don’t know the files that were uploaded in the previous task as they are optional. Now i thought of checking for the presence of the process variable set in the previous task, based on that, the form property should be enabled or disabled. How do i achieve it?

Task1 -> Upload doc1(form property), upload doc2(form property)
Task2 -> If doc1 was uploaded in Task1, then verify doc1(form property)
If doc2 was uploaded in Task1, then verify doc2(form property)



Are you referring to form properties that can be defined for a user task and are part of the BPMN XML definition, or are you referring to the JSON based form definitions that can be created using the Flowable Modeler?

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@tijs, I am referring to the BPMN XML definition. Thanks


Actually we are thinking of using JSON based form definitions now. Can u give me pointers on how to dynamically add a form field based on the status of the previous task. Also, i am blocked on this. pls get back asap. Thanks.