Do UserEventListeners support AuthorizedRoles in CMMN


The CMMN spec refers to authorizedRoleRefs that can be defined on UserEventListeners.

Although, I’ve found that the Flowable CMMN model supports this, it cannot be specified using the modeler and I can’t seem to find where the values are used by the engine.


Does the UserEventListenerInstanceQuery support, or is it planned to support, querying based on AuthorizedRoles? Or is this element there just to support importing standard CMMN files that might include this element?


Hi Dan,

The logic is implemented to parse the authorizedRoleRefs for a user event listener, but not more is done yet. Like you describe it would be good to support it more thoroughly and create identity links so that you could query on user event listeners for specific roles. It’s not planned yet.

Best regards,


Thanks again. I’d like to use the User Event Listeners in our UI but will figure out an interim solution to determine which users can execute the listener and adjust the UI accordingly