Problem with Flowable CMMN Modeler and two questions about roadmap


  1. I have some problem with CMMN modeler. I try to create new process with it, but when I save and export my case I have trouble with importing this xml back. Error:

07:13:54,903 [http-bio-8080-exec-23] ERROR - Import failed for TestCase.cmmn.xml
at org.flowable.cmmn.editor.json.converter.AssociationJsonConverter.convertToJson(
at org.flowable.cmmn.editor.json.converter.CmmnJsonConverter.convertToJson(
at org.flowable.cmmn.editor.json.converter.CmmnJsonConverter.convertToJson(

TestCase.cmmn.xml and error-log.txt:

Flowable modeler version: 6.2.1

  1. I found that your engine doesn’t support userEventListener elements. Your roadmap include this feature?

  2. I have my own process in xml without cmmndi:CMMNDI section. It is possible to import templates like this to the modeler? Maybe this feature will be in the next versions of modeler?

  1. That seems to be indeed a bug. We’ll look at it and fix for the next release.
  2. Yes, it will be added soon. It’s a pretty easy construct to support.
  3. It will import, but probably put everything on (0,0). For processes, there is a limited auto-layouting going on but we haven’t got the same for cmmn cases yet. The current focus is on the engine + support in the modeler. Auto-layout, if feasable will be for after that point in time.