Different actions for differente user/user group

Hi all,

I’m Tommmaso, I’m pretty new to flowable and BPMN in general, so I hope i don’t make questions too stupid :slight_smile:

Today my boss asked me something like that: "It’s possibile to make different actions in a workflow definition? For example: both user A and user B can claim a User Task, but user A can approve or reject and user B can only approve "

To me this makes little sense, but due to my lack of knowledge I thought I’d ask people more experienced than me.


Hey @tmatticchio,

Welcome to the Flowable community.

Your question is completely valid. The use case you are explaining is doable with Flowable and BPMN and there are multiple ways to achieve this.

Purely with BPMN you can do it with a service task and check the outcomes.

If you use the enterprise offering from Flowable you would be able to model this and have it reflect in the UI of the user. If this is something you are interested in, I would suggest reaching out through our website https://flowable.com/.