Deployment topology of Flowable engine, Flowable rest module and Flowable IDM ui


I am running Flowable 6.1.2 engine embedded in a Spring Boot app, along with the Flowable rest, using flowable-spring-boot-starter-rest-api. I plan to install the idm ui app on a separate Tomcat.

  1. In my understanding, the flowable-spring-boot-starter-rest-api also pulls the IDM module, so how would a separate Tomcat with the IDM ui (having the idm module inside) and the Spring Boot engine with the IDM module interconnect? Perhaps it is better to deploy the Rest module + idm UI app on the separate Tomcat and leave the Spring Boot app only with the Flowable engine? Or to deploy (not sure how, didn’t see a spring boot starter for the IDM ui) the IDM ui on the Spring Boot app along with the Flowable engine + rest module?

  2. I am not sure whether all the Flowable components (the engine, rest and idm) should point to the same or different schemas/dbs. I saw in the forums that pointing them to the same schema/db leads to problems with authenticating the users, due to this:

So this got me even more confused, because if each component has its own schema, how are the users and other needed data shared between the different Flowable components?

Hope someone can clear this out for me and suggest how to correctly implement the production topology.

  1. Currently, the REST application does not use the idm component. So if you boot up the rest application, you can use a valid user to connect to it. (note: we’re currently reworking that mechanism and in the future it’ll be possible to hook it into the idm component).

  2. No, pointing them to the same db schema is no problem Only when you’ve got external auth (like LDAP), you don’t need to do that.