Deployment didn't put process definition in the cache


I’m not sure what happened, but I imported my production database into a test setup and restarted the webservice on this test server. This is something I do a lot and it never fails.

This time however, the process definition cache seems to be empty. I tried reload the cache ( PUT repository/process-definitions/{processDefinitionId} ) but I keep getting this error: - Unhandled exception
org.activiti.engine.ActivitiException: deployment ‘123’ didn’t put process definition ‘456’ in the cache

Versions are all the same, there is nothing unusual in the startup logs,… so i’m not sure what went different this time.

Anyone else had this problem? Can I reactivate them with a rest call?




I know what went wrong… We did not delete the database, we just emptied the entries but all tables etc were still there. Apparently if you do this and import the other database you get the error: “deployment didn’t put process definition in the cache”

So no biggie, just make sure you start over fresh when you even encouter this after a database import :wink: