Deploy flowable WARS in Websphere

Flowable UI apps are available on Docker Hub but we would like to make it deployed on WebSphere version
I tried to download flowable 6.4.1 from the website and i see the WAR files:

  1. flowable-admin.war
  2. flowable-idm.war
  3. flowable-modeler.war
  4. flowable-rest.war
  5. flowable-task.war

i try to import one of these WAR files into eclipse 4.9 as web project but it cannot be started. The error message in SystemOut.log is
[9/15/19 15:11:02:884 CST] 000000b6 WSModuleDescr E WSWS7011E: The configuration for the flowable-idm.war application module cannot load correctly.
The following error occurred: Annotation processing failed for class: META-INF/versions/9/org/apache/logging/log4j/util/ProcessIdUtil.class

Please help! And please advise the steps / configurations needed to make them deployed in WebSphere. Thanks!


Welcome to the forum. Can you tell us more about the environment you’re trying to use? I just tested in the Jakarta EE version of Webshere Liberty ( by doing the following: