Custome Form in Flowable 6.0.0

Hi All,

As per our business requirement, We need to showcase a same set of information (form fields) on various tasks in different process definition. This fields might have default value which is different for each of the process definition.

In order to achieve this, We are using the default Form Feature of Flowable. Now we have some field information which we need to fetch from external application. So we have created a custom form fields to acheive the same. We are able to achieve this much. But as per our need, this same form will be used by two different tasks in various process definitions. So if we change value at form level, it is reflected at all tasks used across the process definitions. We need to use it Task Specific only, so the Form value Scope should be Task Level not a Form Level.

To be specific,
In Flowable-modeler project, there is a form field called a Material as a dropdown. We can drag & drop, Material dropdown in flowable-modeler project while creating a Form.

Now the problem is.
We have Form-1 with Material dropdown having option like option X,option Y,option Z. Now this Form is used in say Process Defition A1 and A2. We are able to associated a Form with Material Dropdown. After that same Form has been associated with one task of Process Definition A1 and A2 each.

Process Definition of A1 requires Form Value as option X
Process Definition of A2 requires Form Value as option Y

We are not able to achieve this scenario.

I am looking for following things.

  1. Is my approach is proper? If not, please suggest one.
  2. Is there any way or setting available which can make Form field scope to Task Level instead of Form Level?

Let me know if you need more details.

Following are the technical Stack :
Flowable Version - 6.0.0
Java Version - 1.8
MySQL Version - 5.7


Hi Dhanraj,

If you are implementing a custom form field, you could make that form field aware of the process definition / task definition key it is used in, right? In the render-form.js file you have this information available to be used. Could you not use this and implement different values based on the process definition / task definition key value?

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