Custom primary key strategy not working for flowable modeler


I am using flowable open source version. I am using custom primary key generator and its working for task app like creating task and creating process definition. I am able to see custom primary key in act_hi_taskinst, act_re_procdef, act_re_deployment tables. But its not working for modeler app. When I create model in modeler, its not taking custom primary key. I am not seeing custom primary key in act_de_model table. Can you please help me? Why custom primary key is not taken by model table?


Hi Rupali,

Correct me if i am wrong. The custom id generator is set on the process engine. Modeler does not use process engine ID generator for generating IDs.


Yes Martin. Custom id generator is set on process engine. We are implementing EngineConfigurationConfigurer interface to use custom id generator.

Is there any way to use custom id generator for Modeler?

Also flowable has task, modeler, admin and idm app. Can you please tell me for what all application we can use custom id generator apart from task app?

Thanks & Regards,

No, only the engines can have custom ID generators currently. To change the ID generation of the Modeler, you’d need to swap the autowired bean here with your own implementation: e.g. flowable-engine/ at master · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub