Condition expression returns non-Boolean: 10 (java.lang.String)


I am testing decision table, my idea is to use variable in comparison, below is my decision table screenshot

When I execute this, I have an excepiton saying : org.flowable.common.engine.api.FlowableException: DMN decision with key helloworld execution failed. Cause: condition expression returns non-Boolean: 10 (java.math.BigInteger) in Execution[ id ‘PRC-c2d2ce2d-ec2e-11ee-9143-02420a82c03b’ ] - definition ‘PRC-dmnHelloWorld:17:be54c070-ec2e-11ee-b62d-02420a82c010’

could you please help me fix this?

Is the first line always true? If yes remove it.

yes, it is. why should we remove it?
my requirement is to be able to use the form variable data in decision table. may I please know how could I do that?


Hit policy: F

in the docs.