Complete task automatically after time period


i need to complete task automatically after 3 days that is not completed yet.
I’m trying with TimerCatchEvent, but i didn’t resolve it with that component.
I want to do this in the BPMN with the interface, if it’s possible.

Thanks to all!

Hello digenn,

I’ve had a similiar situation.
In the diagram bellow I’ve set a boundary timer event attached to the activity I want to control then in the time duration PT5M where the 5M means 5 minutes. So Task 1 needs to be completed within 5 minutes for completion of Task 2 otherwise the flow will go to the exception task. So I suppose that if you change to PT3D ou PT72H the it will result in 3 day timebox for your activity. Git it a try.

Hello Jota,
it works, I owe you one! :smiley: