Cancelled subprocess blocks main process

I have a main process where at a certain moment a sub process has been called. The only active part of the main process were the tasks in the sub process.

A user cancelled the sub process, and now the main process is “stuck” as this cancelled sub process does not “end”.

2 questions:

  • what would be the best way to prevent this in the future? Capture a cancel event somehow?
  • what can I do to unlock the main process?

Thanks for your time!

Can you elaborate which call was used to do this? In theory, once everything in the subprocess is completed, it gives control back to the parent.

I have made a simple process where you can see the behaviour. It is available for download here.

Start the mainprocess, and complete the first task. A subprocess is started. In the task of the subprocess, navigate to the subprocess and cancel the process. The mainprocess no longer gets activated.

Thanks for having a look.


I can see the files and select them, but i’m not able to download them. Can you expose them somehow so we can have a look?

there should be a download button at the top left.

Thanks for the good example! Indeed a bug. Has been fixed in this commit: