Can I set multiple assignees (a dynamic list) of a user task by a process variable?

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I am doing a PoC and I need a user task with multiple assignees, but the assignee list is dynamic. So, I am afraid I have to pass the assignee by a process variable. But seems I can only set 1 assignee to a user task, but not an assignee list.

What I expect is that multiple assignees can see the task and any one of them can deal with the task, then, the task is completed.

Is it possible to set a list or a user string separated with β€˜,’?

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

What you’re looking for is the set of candidate users instead of the assignee. There can be only one assignee at any time, but before the task is claimed or assigned, there can be multiple candidate users. This matches your use case, based on what you describe.

The candidate user value can even be determined dynamically if you need that, for instance by using a process variable or another expression, that returns a set of candidate user ids.

yes as @tiesebarrell explained you can have multiple candidate user with comma separated ids in fixed value tab in assignment pop up but only one can complete the task from those candidate user.

Got you, thanks so much, :slight_smile:

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Thank you, :slight_smile: