Calling a flowable API in Hard Descriptive languages (Verilog)

Hi, I am new to flowable, I was trying to implement the communication between my processes created in Flowable and Verilog language (Hard descriptive language) so I was thinking the way to implement this is to call the flowable Api in Verilog, If there is anyone with the Idea of how I can do it, that would be great for me. Thanks

Hi Prodiv,
I do not know the answer. I am really curious about your use case. Could you describe use case little bit more pls?


Hi Martin,
Actually I have some processes made in Flowable and I want to design some FPGA( Field Programmable Gate Array) functionalities based on those processes, so I am thinking that may be there is a way that I can call the flowable API in verilog( the language used to program an FPGA ) and may be build from that XML file generated in Flowable. Its like converting the xml file in verilog

So as I understand you want to take process model and instead of BPMN 2.0 the output should be verilog right?