Porting flowable engine to C#

Hi, im trying to port flowable to .Net core 2.0

Ive been reading the source files, i would like some guidance, from what ive seen.

the first thing i would need to translate would be

flowable-bpmn-converter and flowable-bpmn-model

anyone have any advice for something i might be missing?

Why i want to do it,
first because i want to extract the core bpmn handling from everything else. because i dont want to have to include many stuff i dont need.
second because i work mostly in c# and i dont want to be dealing with java.


I have the same concern. It would be a better way to use Flowable Rest API. I am not sure it can cover all logic of core BPMN.

Please let me know if Flowable can support C# developer.

Have a nice day.

I don’t have any advice for the OP. But, @Mark, you are correct, if you’re trying to use Flowable with C#, the REST API is the way to go. In that case you’re probably going to be orchestrating services that are written in C# as well. In that case, you’d probably be using a lot of HTTP tasks and making prodigious use of script tasks.

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@wwitt, Thanks for your reply. In the coming days, I will try to make a case that using C# to invoke Flowable Rest API. I think It would be amazing to have an actual example. If someone already has one case, it’s great to share.

Best Regards.